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This Blog is about Cliff Anderson’s hunt for a better job.This is my first real experience looking for a job when I needed it.

Cliff has been providing technical support since the 1990’s.For 25 years, he worked for the same chain of companies as they changed names, but kept him every time.

He has worked in Sustaining Engineering (8 years) and Technical Support Management (9 years). He has worked on printed circuit boards (5 years) and systems configurations (20 years). He has troubleshot TCP/IP problems over firewall VPNs.  He has supported protocol converters, IBM Bus & Tag Channel Interfaces, printers, firewalls, local and remote controllers, biometric access control systems, you name it.

Technical Writing has always been something I have done. It was never specified as part of my job, but no one else did it, so I did. I am meticulous about taking notes and documenting procedures.


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2 responses to “Cliff Anderson’s Blog

  1. I have updated my website to demonstrate my skills. Comments and criticisms are most welcome. Otherwise we don’t get better. Cliff

  2. Funny thing happened the other day. A recruiter told me he had a job, but I wasn’t qualified because he said I didn’t have AS/400 experience. Big whoops. I have years and years of AS/400 experience. Troubleshooting networking problems, transferring files, etc. At one point I had four AS/400s and a couple of Advanced/36, too. It is on my resume now.

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